Ariane Coffin, Entrepreneur

Children's publishing have changed drastically over the years. The 1500-word rhyming stories (hello, Bill Peet) of yesteryear gave way to the 600-word (max!) of the current market.

This change is not intrinsically bad. Spare text gives a chance for the art to become a bigger part of the story. And diversity and novelty has been a strong and important focus.

That being said, there are limitations with traditional publishing. Above all, they need to obey the bottom line...which books sell the best? This is not their fault, picture books are expensive to produce and profit margins are small.

On the other hand, it means that it's harder for them to take a chance on a story that's likely to appeal to a small subset of the market.

So some stories—good stories—go untold because they are too much of a risk.

Thanfully, we have other platforms to tell the untold stories. We can do this, you guys.

I can make this happen.

It's in my power. I am a writer. I am a programmer. I am a maker. I have all the skills necessary to turn my stories into apps and put them out into the world. 

To turn other people's stories into apps.

To tell the "unsellable" stories that the traditional publishing industry won't touch because they are too long, too technical, too... Too odd.

And so, in 2017, I am becoming one more thing: an entrepreneur.

My paint brushes are sashaying busily across paper. My fingers are tippity-tapping tirelessly across the keyboard. Markers are marking, scissors are cutting, code is compiling.

A book app company is being founded.